When only love is not enough…

The little ones who arrived 4 years ago have grown up : 14 out of 16 children attend school. Their personality is shaping up and their needs are evolving. Some of them are handicapped. All have gone through the traumatic experience of having been abandoned, the separation thus leading to a very painful start of their lives. For all these reasons, even looked after and taken care of by their mother Mai Nha and by their loving nannies, each child needs the support of child care specialists in order to blossom and reach their full potential.

This is why Marc Witlox, President of Mai Nha, is supported by experienced Vietnamese specialists. Among them, DrThanh, pediatrician and child psychologist who, since several months is putting both her competencies and her rich experience to work for the children of Mai Nha.

Last July, she conducted a first diagnosis of the children; in September, she organized three days of testing, observation and  interaction thanks to a young psychologist who is part of her team.

This week, Dr Thanh came back to Mai Nha in order to present the results of this survey and to conduct the first training session for the whole team of nannies. This little, smiling woman is unparalleled in making the nannies feel at ease, delighted to be able to interact with her and ask questions. And she makes it happen step by step to  get the message through in a gentle way: “no, a child which seems stubborn isn’t necessarily disobedient or a rebel”  ; “ yes, a child’s autonomy needs to be nurtured and encouraged.”

She has checked that stimulation enhancing games are getting the right priority and then met the school heads of the kindergarten and primary school: how to support each child to acquire the skill sets which they lack and how to fill certain gaps? Which personalized approach needs to be implemented for each child who needs it?

Trained in Saigon, France and the USA, this child development specialist, who has collaborated with several orphanages in Saigon, brings to Mai Nha a precious expertise.