The Holiday season at Mai Nha…

Much more than previous years, the Christmas and Lunar new year holiday season has provided many opportunities for the children at Mai Nha to discover “the real world”.

It’s a fact that over the past 4 years the children have lived at their Mai Nha home without frequent interaction with the outside world.
It was done on purpose to allow each of the abandoned 16 children to feel safe and loved at Mai Nha and as such start the process to “rebuild” themselves after their traumatic emotional and psychological experience at such a young age.
Without any doubt Mai Nha has delivered on this “feel safe and loved” objective : ALL children feel loved thanks to the extremely consistant caring and loving attitude of the local staff.

Having reached this crucial goal and given the age of the children ( 14 out of 16 are three years and older), it has now become of utmost importance to stimulate the children both physically and intellectually.

And so in the light of this, what ‘s more appropriate than having the children discover their immediate surroundings, the village, the local pagoda and rice fields and other beautiful scenery including the nearby beach.

And thanks to a very gracious invitation from a nearby high end resort, the children have been able to discover the joys of swimming in a pool !

And finally the 3 eldest children visited a bookstore in the nearby city of Phan Thiet thus allowing them for the first time to choose their preferred books ! And soon they will be back to buy their preferred clothes….

The enclosed pictures provide evidence of the various moments of joy all children experienced during this important holiday season…