Mai Nha welcomes Mrs Lan as mother of the 9 boys

We are very pleased to announce a milestone event at the Mai Nha family homes :

Since December last year Mrs Lan, 48, joined Mai Nha to play a crucial role : become the mother of the 9 boys living in the blue home thus allowing Mrs Kieu to take care of the 7 girls living in the pink home.

Lan is a very joyfull, energetic and above all loving person who has one top priority in life : the well-being of underpriviledged children. Over the years she has proven it time and again : working in various orphanages including one taking care of children with HIV. As a result she does bring with her a very valuable experience

Lan’s life has something of a miracle : at the age 25 she had a very serious accident and remained in a deep coma for several weeks. The doctors in Saigon, despite intense caring, recommended her family to bring her back home to Dalat and prepare for her funeral as their prognosis was very gloomy. And then one day, Lan woke up unexpectedly and recovered fast…. This extraordinary event has had an ever lasting impact on Lan and explains why her sole purpose in life is to be with poor children and provide them with a real future.

Mai Nha is extremely grateful to have crossed Lan’s path….

Enclosed a few pictures of this very special person…