mainha_vie_w-2The first home was built in 2012 and the second one in 2013. Two enjoyable, spacious homes with lots of light. The pink home hosts the girls and the blue home is for the boys. In each home up to a maximum of 10 orphans or abandoned children, some of them handicapped, grow up as a family in a loving secure atmosphere.

The local team is made up of one administrative manager, about 7 nannies, a cook, 2 cleaning and a security staff. They take care of their physical and emotional well-being.

The children will grow up at home until they are sufficiently mature and independent to fly with their own wings. Growing up, they will get the formal education and/or vocational training they choose based on their skills and preference, in order to become balanced, mature adults. The handicapped children will receive support on a personalized basis

Our family homes

Mai Nha is located on a property of 2.000 m2 at the center of the village, next to the kindergarten built by Mai Nha

Two homes of 150 m2 each, 1 playground, a small administrative building and a study & personal development building

Total investment: USD 270.000

Take a look inside

Hygiene, cleanliness, simplicity : the family homes offer the children a secure and peaceful atmosphere where they grow up and blossom at their own pace. Each home hosts up to a maximum of 10 children (two children per bedroom) . Currently 7 girls live in the pink home and 9 boys in the blue homes. Each child has its own bed,  bedside table, a small chest for its clothes and a personal storage for its toys.