14 of 16 Mai Nha children are enrolled in school : kindergarten or elementary school. Mai Nha initiates the process to be granted the required license to build a school and teach English speaking, life skills  and computer courses

The President of Vietnam Republic, Mr. Truong Tan Sang, visits Mai Nha





Construction of a 3 class room the kindergarten for 120 children, next door to the Mai Nha family homes

Construction of the second Mai Nha family home. Establishment of the legal entity "Friends of Mai Nha Children Foundation Vietnam" in the United States





The first Mai Nha family home is completed and welcomes the first two children, Son et Lam. The first 32 scholarships are granted to elementary school, secondary school and high school students fromThien Nghiep

In Vietnam, the licence to operate an orphanage is granted ; the legal entity "Mai Nha ChildrenFoundation Vietnam" is established





Two legal entities are established : "Mai Nha, la Maison des Enfants au Vietnam" in France and "Stichting Mai Nha" in the Netherlands