Companies and Foundations make up 2/3 of Mai Nha’s sponsors

We focus primarily on multi annual partnerships given the very long term commitments Mai Nha has vis a vis the children it supports and the reality is : Mai Nha can’t just go bankrupt…whatever happens!

Partnerships can materialize in different ways : a financial contribution, in kind donation ( equipment, food, hygiene related products) or support services in areas such as maintenance, accounting and tax, legal support, insurance, annual audit of the Financial Statements)

Our partners choose the project(s)  they prefer to support Mai Nha: Mai Nha family homes, schooling infrastructures, scholarships, English speaking, life skills and computer courses.

Would you like to support Mai Nha ?

It will be our pleasure to discuss the various specific options tailored to your priorities.

Please contact:

  Marc Witlox
  Mai Nha France & Mai Nha Vietnam 
  Phone number: 
                    France +33 (0)6 82 58 06 76
  e-mail :

At Mai Nha, senior leaders get personally involved with sponsors .
You will be in direct contact with them without having to deal with others.