mai-nha161013_2-1Bart Bendel and Marc Witlox met on the benches at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Amongst the 16 members of their fraternity, Bart very quickly played a leadership role. It’s Bart as the very first, who without any hesitation, agreed to support Marc’s project and as a result started to mobilize other friends family to join and become a sponsor.

What were his reasons?    

“Marc is a great and long time friend.

I love Asia and it’s my belief that we will make a difference to the Mai Nha children who over time will build up enough self esteem, self confidence and skills to make something meaningful of their lives. The fact that all funds go to the children is to me of paramount importance: The Founders and Board members don’t get compensation and even important administration related activities such as accounting and legal services are free of charge”.


Professional experience

Bart  graduated from Business School

He started his career in banking in The Netherlands, Brazil and the UK before becoming a private equity investor in The Netherlands.