Professionalism, pragmatism, integrity and transparency

Integrity and transparency

The founder is not compensated for his time nor for his expenses incurred (travel, lodging etc)

No payments whatsoever to intermediaries

Annual financial statements in all countries are audited by independent audit firms. 

Our commitment

Mai Nha employs a pragmatic approach: we implement well defined actions whose results are measurable. Our results are assessed on a regular basis by independent professionals. This quality requirement applies to all our programs, be it the children at Mai Nha or the scholarship students

A NGO operated as a business

mainha_divers_w-1-2The way Mai Nha is operating largely stems from the professional background of Marc Witlox, co-founder and President of Mai Nha, and of the Board members of Mai Nha’s 4 legal entities (France, the Netherlands, Vietnam, United States of America). Thanks to the expertise acquired in Financial Management/General Management positions at international corporations or working at legal and audit firms, all of them strive to keep administrative costs at a minimum. Accounting, fiscal, legal and insurance related expenses are taken care of on a pro bono basis by highly reputable firms. Also, not one single euro donated is benefitting the Founder. He does not get paid for his time nor does he get reimbursed for his expenses relating to Mai Nha.

Convinced by this responsible approach, companies and international foundations represent 2/3 of total donations.

Mai Nha’s best practices:

A governance where operational management is supervised by a Board of Directors made up of senior business executives.

An expert committee in France and Vietnam which contributes actively to an optimal decision making process in all critical areas relating to the children.

Periodic audits by independent professionals (child psychologists, pediatricians..) in order to assess the program results and ensure proper corrective actions where required.