mainha_161013-115Dr Thanh monitors the development of each child since July 2016. Pediatrician and child psychologist, trained in Vietnam, France and the USA, she conducted a comprehensive analysis of each of the sixteen children living at Mai Nha.

Periodic on-site visits, work sessions with the local team, evaluation of the children’s skills , training sessions with the nannies, meetings with the teachers: Dr Thanh covers all critical areas relating to the children’s development and well-being.

She explained to us the reasons why she decided to get involved as a hands on supporter and expert to Marc Witlox thus having a significant impact on the children of Mai Nha.

“I know very well the problems relating to the development of orphan an abandoned children thanks to my experience in providing psychological support to several orphanages based in Saigon. I believe the organization which has been implemented at Mai Nha has a favorable impact on the children."

The twinkling eyes of Dr Hanh become blurred when mentioning the day to day conditions of orphans.

"Like each human being, these children have a need to love and to be loved. At Mai Nha , the children have the good fortune to live a family life in cozy homes. I would like the children of Mai Nha to grow up surrounded by smiling faces and affection."

Formal education

Medical degree, Saigon ( 1973)

Psychology studies at « L’Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens », Paris, France (2001-2015)

Child related behaviour and development , USA ( 2005)

Professional experience

Department head of child psychology at Pediatric hospital n°1 in Saigon ( 1957-2014)

Consultant at the clinical research center of Oxford University, UK department based in Saigon (as of 2013)

Clinical psychology and psychotherapy teacher at universities such as Phan Ngoc Thach, Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Van Hien, University of social and human science

Psychological counseling at a clinic based in Saigon