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Mai Nha was established based on the objective to provide a home and a better future to young abandoned or orphaned children (in Vietnamese, “mai nha” means “roof, nest”). In less than 4 years, we have built two family homes welcoming 16 children, a kindergarten for 120 young students and granted over 400 scholarships. In 2017, whilst continuing the initiatives already implemented, Mai Nha will expand its activities in the area of education by implementing English speaking, life skills and computer courses for over one hundred students.

Unlike other foreign NGO’s in Vietnam that are required by law to operate with a Vietnamese partner, Mai Nha’s founders were the first foreigners to obtain a license granted to them personally. This resulted after 5 years of efforts and a change to the existing law.

Mai Nha is supported by 4 legal entities in 4 countries: France, the Netherlands, Vietnam and United States of America.

Thanks to professional management and to the implementation of best practices from the corporate world, only about 4% of its funds are allocated to administrative expenses. The founders do not receive any remuneration whatsoever and they pay for their own expenses relating to Mai Nha Children Foundation Vietnam.

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Exempt from any political or religious influence, Mai Nha was established in France in 2010 and in Vietnam in 2011.

Mai Nha operates in Thien Nghiep, a rather poor and rural community of 7 000 inhabitants, located in Binh Thuan province, 220 km east to Saigon and 7 km from the Mui Ne tourist area.

The area of Thien Nghiep

GPS coordinates:
10°58'41.6"N 108°16'34.2"E