Construction of schooling infrastructures

In 2014, Mai Nha funded and built a kindergarten for the children of the village of Thien Nghiep in association with Cargill Vietnam, a renowned US based company (A total investment of USD 50.000). The three class room school which is located next to the Mai Nha family homes, hosts 120 children.

At the end of 2017, we started the construction of a small  study and personal development building for the children of Mai Nha where they can do their home work, paint, play music and engage in manual activities such as cooking, dancing, etc. The building was put into use since the beginning of 2018 and has become the children's favourite place in Mai Nha in no time. The investment amounts is USD 35.000. 

Regarding the initiative of Mai Nha Youth Support Centre, Mai Nha team has been working hard to obtain necessary authorizations properly. Once all are well, we will proceed with the construction of the centre in Thien Nghiep. It will be the platform where we provide additional trainings of English communication skills, life skills and computer skills for the students in the area for free, with so much hope that will help their personal development and future career.

Granting of scholarships

mainha_education_w-12Over the past 5 years Mai Nha has granted over 400 scholarships to underprivileged children of the village. The beneficiaries ( elementary, mid-school and  high school students) are identified and selected in close cooperation with the school heads based in the financial situation of each family. As of 2017, Mai Nha will launch a coaching program in the area of study and job orientation for high school students : visits of companies, internships, 1-on 1 mentoring  by Vietnamese professionals working in well established companies are some of the initiatives of this critical program.

Launch of English speaking , life skills and computer courses

As a result of significant difficulties local companies (hotels, restaurants, resorts, travel agencies etc.) have in recruiting well trained candidates with adequate English speaking skills with basic computer skills, we have launched a new major initiative: provide practical training to the students of the village so they do acquire these specific skills in the above mentioned areas and as a result find a suitable job in the nearby fast growing tourist area which provides a large number of jobs in many different areas.

A bike to go to school


To be pragmatic and practical means providing solutions to very specific problems : Mai Nha has donated 35 bicycles to children living too far from school for them to walk to. Also, Mai Nha donated 4 years ago a wheel chair and a dedicated nannie for little Nana, 4 years old at that time, handicapped from waist down, so she could attend school like all children her age instead of staying home doing nothing. She now attends elementary school and doesn’t need a dedicated nannie anymore.