mai-nha161013_3-1Meeting Jacques Rigo allows us to get rid of some preconceived notions:  no, having spent one’s whole career at an international audit firm does not preclude fantasy, humor or creativity. Far from being a cold blooded and polished finance expert, this Partner at E&Y Paris also has a solid literature and musical background as well as a true humanistic string.

Jacques keeps a very intense recollection from his first visit to Mai Nha in 2014:

Mai Nha is above all an encounter with the children. During my journey through Vietnam I remember the opening of the gate, the round intrigued eyes of the children staring at me. I remember their joy and happiness when singing century old songs for children. I can visualize the smiles on the faces of the nannies, happy to have a job with responsibilities which are close to a mother’s responsibilities. This impression of reclaimed happiness was just magical”.

Jacques’s decision to join Mai Nha, La Maison des Enfants au Vietnam, is driven by conviction: Marc has co-founded a charity based on strong principles and values which I adhere to: honesty, transparency, ambition and creativity.” The two met at Arthur Young at the start of their professional career. Little by little their mutual respect has evolved into a true friendship.

"Marc has great charisma. Nothing resists him. I admire his ambition, his energy, confidence and vision."

Asking him about the way he envisions his involvement at Mai Nha, Jacques replies:

"I don’t intend to limit my involvement just to the financial and administrative dimension of Mai Nha. New projects such as the initiative to teach English speaking and life skills to the teenagers are extremely  motivating challenges. It’s a real opportunity for them to find a suitable job in the area. This new challenge is just fascinating!"

Professional experience

Jacques graduated from l’Ecole Supérieure de Gestion de Paris  (ESCP Europe ) and is a Certified Public Accountant

Partner at EY Paris